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linuxtopia - TAR

GNU tar User Guide - Option Summary


Red Hat Enterprise Linux Reference Guide - Samba Daemons and Related Services


TCPDUMP - The Easy Tutorial


Vi Cheat Sheet
vi Command Reference Sheet

Yum Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD.

15 Examples To Master Linux Command Line History
Automatic alias's - UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers - The UNIX and Linux Forums
Bash Shortcuts All about Linux
Cursus Linux v 2.1 Inhoudsopgave
Debian Reference GÇö Linux
Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
Frits Hoogland Weblog IT Technology; Oracle, linux, TCP-IP and other stuff I find interesting
Get a Grip on the Grep! GÇô 15 Practical Grep Command Examples
GParted -- Live CD-USB-PXE-HD
Hacking Linux Exposed
HACKTUX notes from the trenches
Het GNU Besturingssysteem
Het Nederlandstalige Linuxforum
IBM developerWorks Linux
Interactive map of Linux kernel
Lazy Linux 10 essential tricks for admins
Linux the How-To Geek
Linux books -
Linux Diff - Linux Commands
Linux Documentation -
Linux faqs
Linux Journal The Original Magazine of the Linux Community
Linux Knowledge Base and Tutorial
Linux Script Test Conditions
Linux Technology Reference
Linux Tutorials - Creating A Symbolic Link Using the ps command.
Mommy, I found it! GÇö 15 Practical Linux Find Command Examples
portalLinux Commands - Linux Config Wiki
Sed - An Introduction and Tutorial
Tar - Linux Commands
The GNU Operating System
The Linux Documentation Project
The UNIX and Linux Forums - Learn UNIX and Linux from Experts
The Unix CD Bookshelf, v3.0
The Vim commands cheat sheet

Linux Certification

Exam 101 Detailed Objectives Linux Professional Institute (LPI)
LPI Linux Certification-Print Version - Wikibooks, open books for an open world


8.2. Building RPMs
Creating RPMs - Simple RPM Build Script
How to create an RPM package - FedoraProject
How to patch and rebuild an RPM package
How to run own shell script from spec
Installing RPM Build Dependencies Adam Young’s Web Log
linux rpmbuild - Google zoeken
Maximum RPM
Packaging software with RPM, Part 1 Building and distributing packages
RPM Guide
RPM Package Manager
Rpm tips -
RPM Tutorial
rpm(8) RPM Package Manager - Linux man page
RPM-Build-spec.html — Linux
The Parts of an RPM Query
Vijay Kumar's Blog cpio MD5 sum mismatch on rpms created during build process under updated fedora-core3


Apache HTTP Server Version 2.2 Documentation - Apache HTTP Server


Create a Query in Microsoft Access to Find Duplicate Entries in a Table
Insert Results of Query Into Table
SQL UNION Operator

ssh client

Tera Term Home Page
Terminal Emulation X windows
ttssh An SSH Extension to Teraterm


-var-cache - Linux Developer's Documentation
Can I safely remove -var-cache - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
elinks(1) - Linux man page
Fedora Core - Installation and Configuration - Documentation - Wiki - SCIM - SCIM
Filesystem Hierarchy Standard - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Gstreamer is for Linux what DirectShow is for Windows - this is the development ML
How to tell VIM to store the viminfo file somewhere else - Stack Overflow
howto RPM List Files
linux adjtime - Google zoeken
Linux Certif - Man scim(1)
Linux Filesystem Structure - 5.10 -var-run Run-time variable files
Linux, Fedora, etc. » Fixing a locale-archive breakage
modprobe.conf(5) - Linux man page
networking - How to check the physical status of an ethernet port in Linux - Server Fault
open - what is .ICEAuthority file in opensuse 11.2 - Server Fault
php - What is the -var-www exactly and how is it related to a webserver or a server in general - Server Fault
prelink - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
re MD5 Differences in same version of -bin-bash
resolv.conf(5) resolver config file - Linux man page
Securing and Optimizing Linux - The -etc-mail-aliases and aliases.db files
The Configuration File - gdm.conf
Understanding -etc-group File
Webalizer – Freecode
What to do with files .serverauth
X Window authorization - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tech Qs

Eng-Tips Forums
The Tech FAQ
wisegeek clear answers for common questions


RedHat extaend partition

9 Linux Parted Command Examples – mkpart, mkpartfs, resize partitions
GParted -- Live CD-USB-PXE-HD
RedHat - LVM cheatsheet The Linux Logical Volume Manager
Resizing Linux partitions, Part 1 Basics
VMware KB Extending a logical volume in a virtual machine running Red Hat or Cent OS
VMware KB Increasing the size of a disk partition

All hotkeys - Red Hat Linux Hotkeys - Keyboard Shortcuts
I can never get into the BIOS under vmware
VMWare Keyboard Shortcuts

Cron Manual
HakTip 60 - Linux Terminal 101 - Filenames, History, and ShortcutsTechnolust since 2005
Horst Schoten
Ramen en Deuren Antwerpen
Spaargids, de beste spaarrekeningen, kasbons, termijnrekeningen, levensverzekeringen, hypotheek en autoleningen.


Dictionary and Thesaurus - Merriam-Webster Online
Nederlands Computerwoordenboek - Een begrip in de ICT!


Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks


Eclipse HTML Editor LoveToKnow
Eclipse IDE Javadoc Configuration Tutorial
EclipseHTMLEditor - Project Amateras
Overview (Java Platform SE 6)


FreeCommander - freeware file manager

IT related


Linux BASH Aliases -½ OxaricGÇÖs Blog

Coding Horror Stupid Command Prompt Tricks
Computer Hope's free computer help
Google Image Result for
OSMstudios - Home
re MS Word 2007 - Double Spacing Lines by default - how to turn off
What can you find out from an IP#8#8#8




Chapter 2. A tour of Mercurial the basics
mercurial list commands
Mercurial repositories index
Mercurial SCM
TipsAndTricks - Mercurial
version control - How to edit incorrect commit message in Mercurial - Stack Overflow


Linux _PHP
Ward van der Put en WinBooks®



A First Motif Program
A Tutorial on Pointers and Arrays in C
Bash Reference Manual
C Programming - Arrays
C Programming [Archive] - C Board
C Tutorial
C++ Reference + Alle C-functies
Eddie's Basic Guide to C Programming
opengroups _ libraries explained
Programmer's Heaven Forums
sprintf - C++ Reference
Tap the interrupt signal c-c++ linux programming by examples
WikiAnswers - C Programming Questions including What are near far and huge pointers in C


Java 2 Platform SE 5.0
Java Create XML File,Java Create XML Document,Create XML Java,Create XML Files
java JTextArea
Java Programming Notes
Overview (Java 2 Platform SE 5.0)
Overview (Java Platform SE 6)

Web programming

The Web Programming CD Bookshelf, v3.0